Seventh-day Adventist Kindergarten welcomes children from all nationalities.

For admission, please make an admission appointment with the Admin Officer at 65624932 or email to You can also send your admission query via Contact Form.

Admission for any academic year is governed by the age stipulated by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Age is calculated based on 2 January of the year of admission.

Playgroup18 months – 2 years old
Pre-NurseryYear that the child turns 3
NurseryYear that the child turns 4
Kindergarten 1Year that the child turns 5
Kindergarten 2Year that the child turns 6

Registration for International Students
A foreigner, except Dependant’s Pass/Immigration Exemption Order holder, is required to apply for a Student Pass.  Please speak to our Admin officer at 65624932 or login to for more information.

Documents Required for Registration
Please come to the kindergarten with the following documents to register the child.

  1. Duly filled Registration form
  2. Citizen:  Original and a copy of child’s Birth Certificate
    Singapore PR:  Original and a copy of child’s Birth Certificate & Re-entry Permit
    International Student:  Original and a copy of child’s Birth Certificate, Dependant Pass/Long Term Pass & passport
  3. One recent passport size photograph of the child
  4. Original and a copy of both parents’ NRIC/FIN Cards/Work passes
  5. Duly filled CDA Standing Claim Instruction Form (For Singaporean who holds Baby Bonus Accounts)

Registration Payment

Singapore Citizen/
Singapore PR/Dependant Pass
$50 $215
International Students$165 $215

  1. Registration Fee
    This non-refundable and non-transferrable fee is an administrative charge for the registration of a child.
  2. Deposit        
    • This non-transferable deposit is for the confirmation of placement in the kindergarten.
    • It will be used to contra the school fees for Term 4 in Kindergarten 2.
    • It shall be refunded or forfeited in accordance to the withdrawal notice given in the percentage table below.
      Notice given 10 weeks before the beginning of new school term 100% refund
      Notice given 8 weeks or more before the beginning of new school term 50% refund
      Notice given 4 weeks or more before the beginning of new school term 25% refund
      Notice given less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the new school term No refund
  3. We accept Nets or cash.