We at SDAK believe that children must be prepared for the challenges of the future. This we do with a stimulating yet rigorous academic curriculum.

Our child-centred integrated thematic learning brings about wholistic growth, through nurturing the child’s spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, social and character development. Integrated into our teaching philosophy is the theory of Multiple Intelligences – which helps establish the 8 intelligences: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinisthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Children achieve greater comprehension and are empowered to apply what they learn, to new and varied situations.

With Multiple Intelligence as the backbone of our key learning approach, students go beyond textbooks to build knowledge and skills. There is experiential learning and children do not just memorise facts. Instead, they genuinely understand the subject matter.

Teachers expose our students to new concepts and skills in multiple ways and allow them to demonstrate their understanding in multiple ways.

We believe children should be taught to love studying the Mother Tongue and learning the Chinese culture. Here at SDAK you will find Mother Tongue learning to be multi-faceted, yet meticulous. Children are grounded in the Mother Tongue with sequential exposures to listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese.

Playgroup - Pre-NurseryNursery - K2

  • Flexible, hands-on based programme.
  • Develops the child’s communication, social & individual competencies.
  • Thematic activities that focus on the children themselves and the world around them.
  • Aesthetic expression through Music & movements, creative art, etc.
  • Fostering gross and fine motor skills through indoor & outdoor activities.
  • Learning Chinese through rhymes, songs and play forms.
  • Fitness program boosting the well-being of body and mind.
  • Cookery class promoting self-help skills and coordination.

  • Structured, thematic based programme leading to a child’s discovery of the larger world .
  • Differentiated Learning Centres for experiential learning.
  • Progressive linguistic programme building literacy competencies.
  • Differentiated Numeracy program fostering mathematical concepts & skills.
  • ICT programme nurturing self-directed learners (K1-K2).
  • Multi-faceted learning of Mandarin through listening, speaking, reading & writing.
  • Exploring interesting topics through child-initiated projects.
  • Fitness program building coordination, flexibility and confidence.
  • Cookery class promoting creativity and wonderment through scientific discovery.