Teaching Approach

Our teaching approach develops your children’s strengths and abilities to reach their potential. By providing play-based child-centred learning experiences and inquiry based projects, we foster within every child a love for learning, questioning and problem solving.

Multiple Intelligence Approach
The Multiple Intelligence approach embraces your child’s natural inclination towards their own potential by providing opportunities to learn in ways harmonious with their intelligence. At SDAK, our teachers facilitate effective learning by teaching creatively through the 8 intelligences: Verbal Linguistic; Visual/Spatial; Bodily / Kinesthetic; Musical; Interpersonal; Intrapersonal & Naturalistic Intelligences.

Play-based Learning Centre Approach
Learning Centres provide play-based learning opportunities for children to work independently or in small groups, exploring with concrete learning materials and refining skills. It is planned around children’s interests, curiosity and quest for knowledge.

Child-Initiated Project Approach
Our Child-initiated Project approach involves children making decisions based on their interests, curiosity and natural quest for knowledge. Motivation is high as children are involved in inquiry, investigations, discovery, active hands-on explorations, team building and problem-solving.